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Styling Tricks to Draw Attention Away from Your Double Chin

Choosing the right haircut can make all the difference in how you feel about your appearance, and that’s where pixie haircuts for double chins come in. By balancing proportions and emphasizing your best features, this chic and modern haircut can draw attention away from the chin area and highlight your natural beauty. But that’s not all—there are other styling tricks you can incorporate into your routine to create a more balanced look.

redirecting focus from your double chin

Styling Tricks for Pixie Cuts

Styling your pixie cut in a way that suits you best can help draw attention away from your double chin and accentuate your features. Let’s explore some key styling tricks:

  • Layering adds texture and volume to your hair, creating movement and body that can frame your face beautifully. By strategically layering your hair, you can draw attention away from your double chin and create a dynamic look that enhances your facial structure.
  • Side-swept bangs can balance your facial features and soften your look. These bangs sweep across your forehead and naturally guide the eye upwards and away from your chin. To style them, keep the bangs smooth and slightly angled for a flattering touch.
  • Undercuts and shaved sections bring an element of edginess and create contrast in your pixie cut. This bold approach draws the eye upward and away from your chin, focusing attention on the dramatic shaved or closely cropped area, which can be an artistic way to express your style.
  • Volume at the crown is key for adding height and fullness to your pixie cut. By teasing or using volumizing products at the crown, you can lift the roots and create a stunning profile, which will naturally shift focus upward and add dimension to your hair.
  • Face-framing pixie styles use longer, strategically placed sections of hair to highlight your best features. This can include longer side pieces or layers around your face, which can draw attention away from your double chin and create a balanced look that complements your natural beauty.

Accessories and Makeup

Adding the right accessories and makeup to your pixie cut can elevate your style and draw attention away from your double chin. Here are some tips for incorporating both to complement your look:

Accessories like headbands, clips, and hats can enhance your pixie cut while redirecting focus from your double chin. A chic headband can add elegance and polish, lifting the eye and framing your face. Decorative clips placed strategically can add a touch of glamor while shaping the hair around your face. Hats, such as berets or fedoras, offer a stylish statement and provide added coverage around the jawline, creating a cohesive look with your pixie cut.

Makeup tips can further refine your appearance. Contouring is a powerful technique to minimize the appearance of a double chin. Use a contour shade slightly darker than your skin tone along the jawline and blend it downward for a natural effect. Highlighting is also key—apply a highlighter on your cheekbones and brow bone to bring focus to your upper face. Defining your eyebrows and eyes can enhance your overall look, while a bold lip color adds drama and draws attention to your mouth, balancing out your features. These simple makeup strategies can help you look and feel confident with your pixie cut.