Is Milk Good for an Oily Face?

Milk is one of the wonderings for your face that is hydrating dry skin, exfoliates mature skin, soothes irritated skin and lightens dark skin.

Both research and experience are speaking volumes about the extraordinary benefits of milk for the skin. There are dermatologist-recommended benefits milk for oily face the following:

Milk for washing face

Milk is removing the oil-soluble impurities and it is helping of fat-soluble enzyme lipase and protein-based impurities with the help of protease. This is dead skin cells with lactic acid. You can be used milk for washing face in the following 2 ways:

oily face


Using fresh milk

This method is one of the suitable for non-acne prone skin only. Milk good for an oily face is massaging followed by wiping with the wet cotton and pat dry.

Using milk powder

You can be used this homemade face wash for dry skin that is made by combining milk powder with oats.

Moisturizing dry skin

Milk can replenish the lost natural moisturizing factors of dry skin type. You can be used the by-product of milk, clarified butter as a moisturizer for dry skin on your face and body.

Milk for skin whitening

Cons milk for oily face by promoting the shedding of pigmented skin cells. You can be used this homemade milk face mask for reducing tan, dark spots and dark patches.


Milk for repairing aged skin

The secret of the radiant and wrinkle-free skin is historically attributed to milk. Milk is having the enzymes, proteins, mineral and vitamins. These are helping in reducing wrinkles.

Milk for calming sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin are looking for a cleanser that can calm their red, irritated skin. Simply massage milk twice daily on your face. It is complete the routine by wiping with wet cotton and patting dry.