Can you sleep with a hair conditioner?

Deep Conditioning should be a weekly exercise for your hair on every transition’s journey. This should be a weekly practice in everyone’s hair regimen.

We all know the benefits our hair can get from it, resulting in shiny, bouncy, strong, elastic and growing. This only happens if you do not engage in practices that delay or destroy the benefits of using heat or hair dye.

However, there are other procedures that can interfere with your healthy hair goals. This is if you do sleep with a hair conditioner at night. It can damage your hair!


Overnight deep conditioning can damage your hair and you should stop doing it! If this is something you usually do, read this article and find out why you should stop it.

If this is not you, be aware and alert your relative, you’re PFF or you’re natural. In the meantime, if keeping your hair moisturized is your problem, I’ve got a super awesome email course that you can take to remedy that problem.

What should you do?

I have a case for why overnight deep conditioning affects your hair, and I hope you will consider the evidence and give a fair judgment. Look, look what I did there… Do you like my clumsy lawyer jargon? (Yes, I see more law & order and good wife!)

Anyway, this is a different post, which is like Paper because of my background in science, and I need to back up my findings.

Nonetheless, I hope you can find your way through this information and do what you think is best for you (your hair). This article is meant to serve as a warning to people.

hair conditioner

As I said before, I do not do any overnight treatments other than my mandatory oil pre-flower, which is beneficial if you are wondering.

Leaving conditioner in hair overnight helps to avoid the previously mentioned damages. Read this post about Pre-Boo and learn more about infusing or sealing oils.

I have to admit that I haven’t deepened my hair for 30 minutes, I usually do it to maximize my time while cleaning the house on Saturday mornings, so I do it for at least 2 hours and I have less porosity hair, treatments take longer to penetrate without help.

Sometimes, if I am in a hurry, I will use my hood dryer for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse it off and style it as usual.