smell of hair

Why did people wear nightcaps?

For shiny hair

Some women wear a hat at night, but it must be silky. These devotees of silk and nightclub say that the electricity to the hair creates a glow or polish.

The hat is made of white silk and the head is warm and adds magnet to the hair. Many women who pride themselves on their beautiful, shiny locks owe this silk to their silk nightclubs.

Heat protection

Fifty or sixty years ago people wear nightcaps feel was apparently ugly, usually made of some rough and heavy material that covered its head completely and extended over the ears and under the chin.

Due to the lack of steam heat that day, they were worn warm and the bedrooms were mostly cold.

Bedroom windows should never be closed except for winter or summer rains. If sufficiently heavy clothes are used, it is perfect for sleeping in cold air and is properly protected by a nightclub, or wool hood, or a headband for the season. ‘

Hair is free from complications

Sleeping caps for hair have the added benefit of covering the hair and protecting it so it does not sneak or fall during the process. This makes it a simple operator to comb in the morning, and benefits by protecting the hair from the wind.

Nothing is “messy” like ugly hair, and the nightcaps for sleeping not only closes the hair but prevents it from sneaking up.

To make women more attractive

It’s said to be very beneficial to the effect of silk on the hair, a small hat designed to make sleeping beauty doubly attractive. Nightclubs have become so popular that some women no longer see them as victims.


A woman should never look at herself ugly for a moment. She must never, ever be empty, even in the dark, behind the locked door of her room. The cold cream should be rubbed well, then rinsed, to remove the glow by gently dusting some harmless baby powder.

When traveling

A nightclub – made of silk or lace and muslin – has serious uses. For example, they are essential for traveling at night, because they keep the hair clean, and give the female traveler a comforting feeling that no one can tell whether or not they are wearing false locks. Before fixing her “extra” hair.

The smell of hair

Hair perfume is one of the simplest and beautiful details of a complete toilet, which any woman can do with little effort or expense. To apply, wear perfume caps. More about perfume hats below.