What Is a Baggy Method for Hair?

The baggy method is one of the popular technique and it is a creative solution for locking in your moisture. Many curliest hair is swearing by this method on their journeys to longer hair.

First, you are applying a moisturizer to the hair and then you can wrap with a baggy, plastic cap, or saran wrap for an extended period of time. The baggy method for hair is used plastic caps or bags to keep your hair and ends moisturized to protected.

If you are wanted to grow your child’s hair long and strong, then you are wanted to incorporate this method into their natural hair regimen. There are several different variations of the baggy method for hair growth.

baggy method for hairThe Full Head Baggy Method

The full head baggy method is simple. There are what you will need:

  • A plastic shower cap
  • An elastic headband
  • Turbie Twist (optional)

First, wash and condition the hair as your products would be rinsed out all of the products.

You are applying a generous amount of leave-in conditioner or your favourite hair moisturizer. The moisturizer is having water as one of the first ingredients throughout the hair.

You can cover the entire head with a shower cap.

Secure the shower cap in place by adding an elastic headband. If water is leaking out of the shower cap and drips down your neck and face, try covering up the shower cap with a Turbie Twist.

The Turbie Twist is super absorbent, so it will be catching the moisture that leaks out of the shower cap and possibly onto your pillowcase!

You are leaving the shower cap on for a few hours or even overnight, but not any longer than. Because the hair is needed to dry and breathe. Repeat these steps are every 7 – 10 days or when needed.