oily face

Is oily face a sign of pregnancy?

If your period is late, do you ever wonder if you are pregnant? Or if you come to the office and complain to a colleague that you have slight nausea, are they going to conclude that you will soon hear the rubbish of small feet?

This is because this oily skin is an early pregnancy symptom. With bloating, soft breasts, and a dislike for the scent and taste you once loved, these oily face is a sign of pregnancy that has become a popular term for the fact that you may have a loaf in the oven.

Interestingly, these oily face is a pregnancy symptom do not always appear first, and if you are actively trying to conceive and find signs in every case (come on, own your own, we’ve all done it!)

There may be some symptoms that your body may not recognize as associated with early pregnancy.

sign of pregnancy

Extra oily hair

When you are pregnant, there is a massive increase in hormones. These extra hormones are important because they help your baby grow and grow, they activate the milk secretions in the breasts to allow breastfeeding (if you want to do so), and they help keep the uterine wall strong and thick.

Unfortunately, these extra hormones cause infamous pregnancy mood changes! The symptoms reveal the oily skin in one of the signs of pregnancy.

Did you experience the ill effects of skin break out when you were a young person? Although acne can also affect adults, it is most common when hormone levels change during puberty. This is because hormones stimulate the body’s sebaceous glands and enlarge the skin.

It is meant to make your oily face is a sign of pregnancy. The hormones affect the sebaceous glands in this way, as these glands are also required to form the Vernix caseosa; an oily substance used to protect a child’s skin from amniotic water.

Think about the last time you bathe. After an hour you started to get a little shorter, didn’t you? If your baby does not have this protective coating, imagine what they will look like after that nine-month soak!

Therefore, if you are pregnant, a sudden increase in hormones will produce more skin. It leaves the hair follicles all over the body, leaving our hair greasy and the skin spotty. But don’t worry, these effects are usually short-lived and hormone levels return to normal after birth.